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Accounting Services

Strict sales tracking guidelines, confusing tax laws and other struggles in the cannabis industry makes it a really challenging business. That’s why getting help from an experienced CPA can help you overcome all your obstacles and grow a successful cannabis business.

In Green Plus CPA, We offer effective solutions to keep your books in order. Our powerful accounting and tax solutions will make managing your finances and maintaining tax compliance easier. Leave the accounting and bookkeeping to us so you can focus on growth.

Call us now at (818) 644-2550 or request your new client consultation online to learn more.

Cannabis accounting and bookkeeping:

•    Specialized accounting and bookkeeping
•    Assistance forming a legal business structure
•    Audit-ready financials
•    CFO services
•    Inventory management solutions
•    Supply chain management
•    Monthly reconciliations of POS data
•    Reconciliations of seed-to-sale tracking systems with QuickBooks
•    Payroll services
•    Bank reconciliations
•    Record monthly transactions
•    Review general ledger and reconcile balance sheet accounts
•    Evaluate and refine internal controls
•    GAAP cost accounting
•    Prepare and file sales tax return

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