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Tax Services

Tax liabilities can cause many cannabis businesses to fail to increase profits and grow into a successful business. The IRS imposes strict tax requirements and requires reporting income from all sources. And Failure to do so will affect your business negatively and may result in fines. 

Without an experienced CPA on your side, you could lose a lot of your profits to taxes. Here in Green Plus CPA, we specialize in cannabis tax services designed to reduce taxes for the cannabis industry. With help from our experienced tax professionals, you’ll be able to maintain compliance and develop strategies that save money on taxes and protect your business. We’ll help your business takes advantage of every allowable deduction under current tax guidelines and identify and implement tax planning strategies to ensure you pay only the taxes owed. 

With our support and services, your cannabis business can minimize taxes, increase revenues, and beat tax problems. To find out more, call us today at (818) 644-2550 or request your free consultation now.

Cannabis Tax Compliance Services:

•    Section 280E and IRS Code 471 compliance
•    Federal and state tax return preparation
•    Guidance on properly allocating expenses
•    Business and individual income tax preparation
•    Preparing and filing sales tax returns
•    Tax audit representation

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