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Payroll Services

Trying to process payroll all by yourself can be very challenging. Especially if your business operates in the cannabis industry, your payroll practice must be by the book. Not only payroll tax calculation is important but also keeping records and documents for each employee or contractor plays a big rule to achieve success in future audits.

Here in Green Plus CPA, we specialize in processing your payroll in line with current tax regulations. With our payroll services, you won’t have to worry about confusing tax filings, IRS penalties, or unhappy workers. We’ll skillfully process your payroll, pay your employees and contractors correctly, and handle all your payroll tax filings.

To learn more about our payroll services, call us today at (818) 644-2550 to request a free consultation.

Payroll processing services:

•    Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll processing
•    Direct deposits
•    Payroll tax filings
•    Help resolving payroll tax problems
•    Customized payroll reports
•    Preparation of W-2's, W-3's, and 1099s
•    Weekly accounting summaries

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